Monday, 6 February 2017

Challenge Project Reaveal

Here is my finished project reveal.  It is an odd size of about 18" x 20".  It is fused and machine appliqued in layers.
  I started on Monday and it was finished by Thursday, it is now at Lorna's Quilters' Dream Quilt Shop at 2726 West 38th Vancouver.  She will be open on Saturday for her annual sale and showing of the challenge quilts.  I'm planning on going and see what everyone else made the them this year was Texture, which I missed completely but my pebbling and Japanese rust silk obi fabrics helped qualify my piece nicely.
 Here I've place the moon and rust sky highlights and planning where to place the tree.  You can notice that the ground has a strip cut out of it as these were remnants that were kitted for our use.
 Here I've quilted the sky and given a curve to the ground which is pinned in place.
 A reverse look at the back of the quilt.
 A closer look at planning where the tree will go.
 Tree in place but needing to be quilted.
 The moon is made of two pieces a batik for the shaped piece and a woven Japanese fabric for the circle.
 Reverse side.
 Closer look at the tree and moon.
 I quilted the tree first and then did pebble effect for the ground.

 Here is my original sketch I did in October when I thought I'd add some pumpkins and notes of which fabric would go where.
 Yesterday afternoon we had a bit of a snowstorm.  I took these pictures and short video with my iPad. The snow was swirling around the courtyard and almost going sideways.
 Looking toward the river.
 To the gazebo.  It continued to snow and we have close to ten inches or so.
 I hope this works for you, it's a video I shot on my iPad.  I find it only seems to work on desktop not mobile devices.


Kyle said...

Fantastic thread play! It will be interesting to see what others have done.

WoolenSails said...

Your piece is wonderful and I love how it came out. I do want to play with some art pieces so time to try some.
You really are getting a lot of snow, we are just getting a dusting and then rain.


The little book of Nessie said...

Great piece of work. Keep warm with all that snow around. Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

Video worked perfectly on my MacBook Pro. That's quite a storm, and it looks like wet snow, from here. I really REALLY like your tree piece! The quilting is amazing, but the whole design came together so nicely. Congratulations on a great entry.