Saturday, 4 February 2017

Snow Focused!

Friday I met at Rita's place for some stitching with friends.  She has a suet bird feeder and a family of three crows likes to visit.  One flew away as I reached for my camera.
 Must be good it's almost gone.
 One came back but wouldn't join it's friend.
 The snow that was supposed to start falling around 11 a.m. was already a dusting at 6 a.m.  This picture of the courtyard was taken around 3 p.m.
 The Winter blooming Forsythia is covered with snow.
 Small Primrose peeking out.
 Dried seed pods.
 Pampus Grass hanging in/
 Some of the stalks are weighed over by the snow.
 The city had just come by to clear the brickwork portion of the boardwalk.  They don't clear the wooden walkway.
 Red berries look great against the snow.
 Palms once again covered with snow.  Canada Customs building across the river.
 Took this picture about 1030 this morning, it has been snowing most of the night, very fine snow right now.
 The water feature is running again after been frozen last month.
 View outside my front door towards the river.
 Looking back towards our street.
 Working on one of my February goals.  At the end of January I found a journal that I used to try and keep monthly records and thoughts about my quilting.  I decided that I would keep it up and wrote what I had accomplished in January along with my February goals.

In past years I've marked down what I had accomplished for finishes, classes meeting new quilting people along with trips and shows I went to during the year.  I plan to continues this year after a four or five year gap.
I also finished the challenge quilt I shared fabrics with on my last post I'm hoping to venture out and deliver it to the gal who is doing it today, roads being cooperative.  Fortunately I can drive on some major through fares it's just getting to her side street that could prove interesting.

So until I can find out if I can share the image here is a little pixelated tease for you to ponder.


Tine said...

The snow covered palm tree looks amazing!

WoolenSails said...

Love seeing the photos, you got quiet a bit, nice day to stay inside and sew.


Kyle said...

I was thinking the same thing as Tine, a palm tree with snow. That's a good one. Love what you've been working in. The color is nice and bright against the grey day.

Susan said...

It looks like a lovely snow - but I thought you were going right into spring. LOL Thanks for the beautiful pictures. It looks like you had an interesting day with friends. I hope to see your quilt soon!