Thursday, 9 February 2017

More Snow!

Tuesday morning the sunny skies returned and my view was gorgeous with the new snow.
 Off in the distance traffic along the Alex Fraser Bridge was at a crawl.
 Sunlight hadn't quite made it into the centre of the courtyard yet.
 The cul du sac showed early morning departures.
 Paths had snow covering the icy walkways.
 Love this view thru the lobby window.
 Icicles on the water downspout.
 Blue skies, snowy palms on the quay.
 Birds enjoying the sunshine.
 People out with their dogs off leash enjoying the crunch of the snow.
 Won't even think of trying to walk in the courtyard as it hasn't been shovelled in days.
 Umm won't be sitting and enjoying the snowy views either.
 Flowers are insulated in their beds, you could sit under one of the benches by the railing.
 Lots of small icicles forming on the roof edge.
 They don't clear the boardwalk because of the wood below but they do the brickwork on the other side.
 It's February so these rhododendrons like to start blooming even though covered with icicles and snow.
 Snowy covering on this nest.
 My camera battery died and I had to go inside while it charged so didn't get the Witch Hazel blanketed with snow.
 Usually the snow we see in the winter is on the mountains not down here!
 Wednesday afternoon we had another start to the snow and around 9 p.m. it turned to ice rain and sleet.
 What a contrast between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.
Haven't been out to see what the remnants of snow look like this morning.  But I'm sure it is a soggy, slippery mess.  Glad I don't have to drive in rush hour today.  Will go and have lunch with mom for my birthday instead.


Kyle said...

All that good moisture will be beneficial in the spring and hot summer months.

Kaja said...

Great photos. I love to see snow, as long as I don't have to go out and about in it.