Tuesday, 7 February 2017

February Flurries Keep On Coming!

Yesterday I needed to go and renew my driver's license and decided to drive around and take some pictures in the Metrotown area of Burnaby.  Some of the trees are just gorgeous!
 A block down from Kingsway is a quieter street that runs parallel better to be able to pull over and take some pictures.
 Farther along I went up towards Kingsway and then down a side street.  That lower hill is where we used to have a house in the late sixties to mid eighties.
 Breathe taking at times.
 They built an overpass to bypass the multiple train tracks in the switching yard.  After the right turn..
 you head down to the stop light.  Everything is uphill from where I live.
 Came home and went for a walk along the quay.  There are shelters every so often along the boardwalk where people often sit and enjoy river views or even fish.  Some icicles are starting to form.
 Love this double that became one.
 One of the many flower beds covered in snow.
 My favourite Witch Hazel bush.
 Even the blossoms are dripping with mini icicles.
 This one has a long hair captured in it if you enlarge the picture.
 This newly finished and planted bed has new plants, hope they are alright.
 Rita's daffodils from last week.
 Ice on her Rosemary bush.
 Heliotrope bloom peeking out of the snow.
 One of three yellow blossoms on the Yellow Witch Hazel.
 Two little birds all puffed up trying to stay warm.
 Icy walkway and benches in front of my condo.  The blue supports have hanging baskets on them from mid May thru October.
 A look to spring.
 View thru the condo lobby window towards the water.
 I had fun with PicLab while I was working on my challenge quilt I shared yesterday.  Love this effects.
 After the background quilting was done how it looked.
 With a different function called 8 bit
I used this one for my month divider on Instagram.  I'm @shhdesigns1 if you want to check out my feed.
Right now we've a bit of a reprieve, the snow continued thru the night for another couple of inches and it is sunny out now after the ice fog that formed while I was out walking.  More expected again on Wednesday.  Maybe rain on my birthday, or maybe snow, will have to wait and see.


WoolenSails said...

Lots of snow but it does look pretty.
Sick day for me, finally got me.


Cathy said...

So many beautiful photo's. Your challenge quilt is beautiful. Hugs

The little book of Nessie said...

Keep warm with all that snow about. Love your challenge quilt. Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

Pretty amazing! I've never had to renew my license in the snow, and I hope I never have to! Absolutely gorgeous scenery if I don't have to actually be OUT in it. LOL