Friday, 13 May 2011

Hawaiian Quilting, Hawaiian Quilts.

This is the little Hawaiian anthurium pattern that I got that the quilt shop in Lahina.  I managed to cut out and stitch the applique in one evening and then do the quilting the next.  I still have to square it up and finish of the piece, but I was quite happy with the piece despite not having pins to properly hold it together while quilting it.
 On each floor of the hotel they had a framed Hawaiian quilt.  This was on our floor [6].
 The floor above [7].
 The floor below [5].
 Nest floor down[4].
 Number 3.
 And finally Number 2, none on the main floor!
 Heading south toward Kehei is an outlook to watch for whales.  No luck when we were there.
 Just above the branches on the left if you look closely you can see a turtle.  He wouldn't let me get a good picture.
 A favourite tree along the ocean.
 Some papayas ripening along another beach, wish I could have picked one.
 Paddle boarding at any age.
 Beautiful palms against a lovely sky.
 How graceful the trunks on these palms.
 Some old can goods on display.
 I wanted this basket.  Very heavy, made from old magazines folded up.
 A lovely two coloured hibiscus.
 Our hotel and pool from one angle.
 From the opposite side walking along the beach...
...another day in paradise...

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