Sunday, 1 May 2011

Quilt Show and Spring Flowers

Yesterday and today were amazing Spring days, with sunny skies and warm temperatures, perfect for photographing some of the flowers out in bloom in my neighbourhood.
 Rita has these lovely frilly daffodils in her garden, I've not seen anything like them before.
 This double tulip looks more like a Monet waterlily.
 Farther down the walk I found these two tulips that still had a bit of dew from a night watering.
 This poor tulip has been knocked over but still putting on a brave showing.
 One of my guilds put on a show today, the Pacific Spirit Quilters' Guild show had some lovely quilts in it.  This wool applique on black polka dot flannel was made by my friend Tricia Brown.
 Jean Beaton received this kit for all the work she did on the 2002 show, nicely done!
 I don't recall who did this lovely whimsical mix of batiks with polka dot flowers, but I like the combination.
 My neighbour and good friend Mary Shore made this triptych of leaves.
 This is also done by Mary and was the first of the series, but she decided she like the other 3 together.
 Now for a bit of a throw back to the psychedelic days of the 1960's.

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trudys_person said...

Great photos of great quilts! I was at the show too, and these were some of my favourites.