Sunday, 15 May 2011

More Hawaiian memories

This almost looks like a double headed bloom, but there are two individual blossoms.
 We drove by this guy and I circled around to get a shot of it.  He was kind enough to stick around.
 The colours in the water were just beautiful on this day.
 Orange and yellow what a lovely mix.
 A bud just starting to open up.
 A profile shot.
 The view looking toward the north.
 Now looking towards the south.
 We drove a short way along the road to Hana and stopped to watch some surfers.  This guy was busy eating insects.
 Kite boarders, along with surfers having lots of fun.
 You were amazed that none of them appeared to run into each other.
 Oops, taking a fall.
 What a pretty tree.
 Another lovely view.
 Back on the beach watching the sunset and the boat pull in for the show next door.
 Another day gone.

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