Sunday, 8 May 2011

More images of Maui

I'm not sure what this is hanging from the Palm tree but it certainly was colourful and interesting looking.  If you know what they are please let me know so I can add it to my post.
 Under the Banyan Tree in Lahina on the weekend there is a craft show, I didn't photograph any of the vendors, but this tuberose flower smelled lovely.
 I couldn't resist this sign, I must know about 5 Daves, I think it was the most popular name for boys in the 1950's.
 This man was amazing talking and carving and using his feet as additional hands.
 No one knew what this "fruit" was other than they didn't recommend eating it.
 None of the flowers were very close to photo.
 A very different coloured plumeria than the white/yellow.
 A lovely protea motif of things to come.
 Once again some interesting pods/fruit/seeds of another Palm tree.
 The crown of another Palm.
 Fabrics that mom picked out for a table runner that I'll make for her.
 Some more batiks to add to my collections, these ones were from Maui Quilt Shop.
 Two books on Hawaiian Quilt blocks that I found at Walmart and a pattern for smaller size blocks from Maui Quilt Shop.
 I purchased this print at the craft sale by Virginia Ka'ai.  It is part of a larger  painting.
 A couple of new shopping bags from Whole Foods.
 Love the peas!
 We drove up Haleakala to Pink Protea and wandered around the gardens to see some amazing flowers.
 A profile of another flower.
 Tall and narrow.
 Just starting to open.
 Opening a bit more.
 Half open.
 Fully opened.
 Another tall one but different again,
 They grow on plants that look like a rhododendron.
 Another one starting to open.
 This one looks like a sun.
 A bit closer view.
 Orange and yellow mix.
 A couple of varieties close together.
 Some minis.
 An orange one with a bud beside it.
 Pink and yellow.
 Almost looks like velvet.
 Half open.
 Long pink petals edged with black.
 Lemon yellow.
 A moth on a tiny bud.
 Almost looks like a corn cob.
 Another one edged in black
 Ferns just starting to open.
 On the other side of the plant.
 This is called a Cup of Gold taken just outside of Kula Botanical Garden.
 A blossom below water in a bowl.
 A view looking west and north towards Lahina.
 Unusually long petals on this bloom.
 Another velvety protea bud about to open at Ali'i Kula Lavender Gardens.
 A moth amongst the lavender.
 Here is a bee enjoying the lovely scents.
 Another moth.
 A lovely bud.
 A peaceful Buddha in the garden.
 Taking off from a stem.
 A Hawaiian influence sculpture.
 A view through the hedge of more gardens.
 A bunch of cut lavender.
 Bird of Paradise bloom, just perfect.
 Another lovely statue found in the garden.
 I wonder what this one will look like when it opens, looks like velvet.
 If you come to Maui, check out this lovely place.
 Looking towards Ioa Valley State Park, where the rainfall can be 4oo" in a year.
 A Maui rooster with his hens and chicks.
 Sitting outside enjoying the sunset once again.

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Maree :-) said...

Lovely pictures, Sandi! Thanks a bunch for sharing them here! Surely do hope that I can see the beauty "live and in person" someday. :~D