Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pineapples, quilts and sunsets...

The clouds decided to move from the mountain top outside our view for a change and we enjoyed the view to the top.
 We went into Lahina and found this tiny quilt shop just across from the huge banyan tree beside the Pioneer Hotel.
 Up the street was a Needlework shop that we went looking for, unfortunately it closed in December but we found this lovely collection of Hawaiian quilted cushions.
 The little quilt shop is called Quilts n Fabric Land.
 I got a little Hawaiian style pin cushion kit to try out.
 Here is a view of the huge Banyan tree in Lahina with many aerial roots to support its branches.
 This branch almost looks like a tree on its own, but the aerial roots have grown very thick and strong.
 Here is the central trunk supporting the branches that spread over an acre of land.  There are paths under the tree that protects you in the rain and a craft sale that happens on the weekend that we went to.
 Just outside the gift shop towards the harbour the palm trees are seen.
 Another lovely plumeria blossom.
 Everywhere you look images of  pineapples are used for advertising.
 In the harbour a sailboat that capsized many years ago that has been left to the elements.
 In the mall more images of pineapples.
 In the same mall down another wing more pineapple images.
 A lovely pineapple stained glass window.
 The Lahina Cannery Mall logo where all the above photos were taken.
 Not a sight that you expect just up the street from the hotel we stayed at..free range chickens!
 Just down the road from our hotel at a public beach, someone built an inuksuit to say good night.
 A quiet evening watching the sun slip away.
 Back at our hotel one last look at the sunset.
Another lovely day in Maui with some more to enjoy..

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Maree :-) said...

Such amazing beauty! So glad y'all had a wonderful trip! :~D