Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Lights, Crafts and Decorating.

Sunday Evening I took my mom out for a drive to look at some Christmas Lights.  Along Columbia Street in New Westminster were some lovely white lights and snowflakes hung in deciduous trees.
 In Burnaby we wandered around our old neighbourhood and checked out some lovely lights.
 This home owner has several trees decked out in colourful lights along the driveway.
 This house along with the two adjacent to it have always had some lovely displays.
 I like how they wrap the trunks with lights and then the branches and then weave from large branch to branch higher up.
 This one has some large stars in the carport, I like how the lights seem to spiral up amongst the branches.
 We drove by Burnaby Village Museum, it houses several old houses, businesses, a stable and an old wood carved Merry-go-round that I used to ride as a child.  Each Christmas they light up the venue.
 It was raining, so we chose not to go in, my first paying job was working in the Ice Cream Parlor.
 Back into New Westminster and the Royal City Centre has a lovely snowflake display.
 A look at just the left side.
 Looking farther up 6th Street at the shooting star lights.
 This is a music box I bought my mom several years ago.
 A Willy Ray Santa Claus riding a reindeer cow.
 Stars, Christmas Tree and Snowman.
 One year I made a Welcome Santa for the boys in my family and an Angel and Snowman for the girls.  The stitching on her dress says My Snowman and Me Welcome Thee.  I cut the wings out of metal and then attempted to make them rusty.
 Last Friday I finished hand quilting and binding my little Linda Hall snowman runner.
 I still have to add an eye to the bird.
 I also realized I had put X highlights in two of the five snowmen and had to add them after I had finished quilting.
Have yourself a Merry Christmas.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Love your table runner Sandi. Also like all the Christmas lights in your pictures. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Have a wonderful Christmas Day. Regards, Nessie