Friday, 20 December 2013

Starting to look like Christmas...snow day

Yesterday afternoon I took coffee over to my friend's place and saw her small live Christmas tree all decked out.

Same photo, but not focused.

Walking back in the early twilight some of the condos had their lights on.

The rose hips are still hanging about.

Pretty stars and red lights.

This is a lovely display.

Looking at our central lobbies with a Christmas tree on each floor and one in the courtyard.

My Christmas wreath, until a few months ago my door was white, now the berries don't stand out as much but it still is pretty.

Late last night around midnight the snow started to fall.

Looking out towards the Fraser River the mist is actually snow.

Another look around 0230 this morning.

The trees are starting to look pretty with their snowy lace.

Again towards the Fraser, I love this view.

This morning about 0700, even more snow.

More snow on the branches.

A couple of early morning dog walkers.

I like the effect of blurred lights in the snow.

I'm so glad I don't have to drive to work in this snow, Vancouver has lots of hills and the first 2 Kms. Of my daily drive to work was up a fairly steep hill. Snow Day! I'll go for a walk later when it is a bit lighter.

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Michelle said...

Looks very wintery and cozy actually. Thanks for sharing.

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