Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Winter is making an early visit!

Yesterday morning I woke up to find that we were having a light dusting of snow.  It has been hovering at and below freezing here for about a week and the weather people keep saying we are going to have snow. In the distance you might be able to see that there is some ice on the Fraser River.
 Looking at our water feature you can see that the upper and lower pools not only have ice but also snow covering the ice.  The water is still spilling over the waterfall feature, but some years it has frozen over.
 This morning it was snowing again, usually it rains before snowing but this time because of the cold snap it didn't happen.  As a result the snow flakes were very small, often we have large clumpy snowflakes.
 The trees are now lacy with snow on their branches.
Sunday afternoon my mom and I went out for dinner and then checked out the lights at St. Paul's Hospital.
 They use the lights as a fund raiser for the hospital.
 This is a project that I'm currently working on, a mix of cotton and wool.  Kim Diehl designed this mini quilt and you can get the directions here.  The templates are located here.  You don't get an layout so I just winged it.
 I'm interviewing my blocks for the borders and working on my star corners.  As you can see I went for a much brighter white version than the creamy Kim Diehl version.
One last thing I saw a delightful story about the Canadian company WestJet and I thought I'd share this link with the Huffington Post.  Below it for me is a slide show about Christmas Giving in Vancouver that features some lovely photos.  I hope you enjoy these both.

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The little book of Nessie said...

That is going to be a lovely little quilt. Love the bright colours. That snow is everywhere! The Christmas lights on the buildings is great. Regards, Nessie