Monday, 2 December 2013

Last look at Houston IQF, some shops, some buildings, a quilt, home and some purchases.

On the first day of the show I was waiting to catch the bus down to the George R. Brown Convention Centre and I started chatting with the woman in front of me in the line-up.  It turned out her name was Phyllis Paul and she owned a booth called Cozy Quarters.  That is her in the blue sweater with the blond hair.
 Most of the things in her booth are her design and she a lovely country feel to her work.
 Here is a link to her on line store.
 Are the snowmen holding up the quilt not just too cute?
 This is part of the show floor looking to the left.
 Looking to the right, there were 20 aisle of shops and services to choose from.
 The Little Red Hen was another whimsical booth I enjoyed looking at.
 Crows and sunflower picture was cute.
 Penguins and snowflakes make a cute design along with other winter designs.
 Red, White, and Blue with stars along side of a framed Welcome saying.
 A touch of Halloween, great use of a snowball block.
 Snowmen, Halloween and a black cat a great mix of characters.  Check them out on line here.
 A favourite shop of mine, sorry the photo is a bit blurred.
 Their Summer freebie block all finished. Their on line store is amazing! Check it out here. I should have posted this sooner as they have a great Black Friday sale with some freebies, sorry.
 A closer look at those blocks.
 Beautiful quilting by Linda Hrcka; she also quilted their Block of the Week that I didn't take any pictures. Here is a link to her blog.
 On Saturday night I went to the Gala on the Green, the tree trunks were decorated with white lights across from the convention centre.
 I met these lovely ladies from Tasmania in Australia.  They are from left to right Margaret, Judith, Louise and Lisa.  They flew from Tasmania to San Francisco to New York.  Toured around and then went to Washington D.C. and Amish Country in Pennsylvania before flying to Houston.  The next day they were flying to Las Vegas before heading home later in the week. 
 One last quilt that I enjoyed at the show on Sunday was Eight Ravens by Judith Roderick.
 She painted a friend's pet raven Po and depicted him in many of his behaviours residing in New Mexico.
 These are wonderful in person.

 Returning to the hotel for one last time a quick view of City Hall.
 The Art Centre captured with a reflection of another building behind us in the windshield of the bus.  Interesting angles.
 Looking at the courtyard of the hotel as I had brunch.
 My courtyard at home the next day.
 Some of the bags I received as freebies along with the souvenir bag from the show.
 The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet by Pam Holland.
 Quilts, Unfinished Stories with New Endings by Gyleen X. Fitzgerald.
 Some goodies from Primitive Gatherings.
Some variegated thread from YLI, I behaved myself with my purchases this year.

But who know about next year?


paulette said...

WOW!! What an amazing trip!! Those booths knocked my socks off!! Thanks for sharing!

SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a wonderful show. So happy you had the opportunity attend. Thanks for sharing insights. Next best thing of being able to attend, is to read your post. :)


The little book of Nessie said...

Well, you have had a lovely time. What lovely patchwork shops and your goodies. Loved seeing your pictures. Regards, Nessie