Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter Solstice

Early yesterday morning I took a picture of our Christmas tree in the courtyard gazebo.

Looking towards the centre elevator lobbies and the four Christmas trees on each floor.

A closer look at the top three levels.

Early morning dog walkers along the quay.

I love the look of blurred lights in the snow.

On the last day of Autumn the snow was falling. How different the lights look with snow on them.

Hard to see but there is a polar bear partially hidden by the snow on the left.

Love these guys posing with the snowman that various people helped to construct.

Snow covering the Palm Trees.

Snowy path, the city plowed part of the walkway early but it soon was covered again.

My girlfriend made this cute winter front door quilt.

Love the tartan covers on the skates.

Snow barely hanging onto the branch.

Maple tree looking like lace by my condo.

Footsteps in fresh snow...

Heading back inside to warm up after a chilly walk.

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