Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Foggy mornings, sunny afternoons some wool inspirations...

Several of the past few mornings we've been waking up to fog.  Some I can barely see the trees and others are a bit clear.  Both today and yesterday started that way.

I headed over the Ironworkers' Bridge to North Vancouver and the Creative Edge Quilt and Sewing Machine shop to meet up with some fellow stitchers of wool.  Maureen who owns the shop graciously opens on the third Monday of the month for our group.  She doesn't have a website but if you ever come to the Vancouver area please come and visit her. Yesterday we had 12 come but not all projects were photographed.

This first project is by Uschi Greiner who leads our group.

This is a Sue Spargo piece called Flower Bed.

Uschi dyes wool and most of the wool in this piece were dyed by her.  She has a wonderful eye for colour.

Long curvy stem around the final border.

Lovely turquoise plaid dyed wool.  Her website can be found here.

Sharon belongs to the North Shore Needle Arts guild and their challenge for the new year was to make a stitched name tag.  She got the scissors charm for getting hers done.

My friend Sandi made this lovely crazy quilted stitched bag and is waiting for her charm.

This is the back of Sandi's bag, she has a jump on the next challenge of stitching a bug!

This is part of a needle book that Uschi is designing for sale.  She has a bug on each of the inside pages. First a lady bug.

A Bee.

Another lady bug.

A spider's web but no spider.

Sharon made this needle case as one of her first projects.

This is the back.

I stitched these two pieces from Scrap Quilt and Stitch.  I'm not sure if I will make them into a quilt or the little hangers as she shows.  Be aware I have had problems downloading some of Roxanne's projects but she has graciously e-mailed them directly to me.  I'm currently working on the December one...yes I'm a bit behind.

These next two projects are being stitched by two friends, there has been a third gal also doing it but she wasn't present yesterday.  This one is by Judy.

This one is by Jean, they bought their kits from Uschi and you can see they have slightly different fabric choices in them.

These grasses caught my eye outside the shop.

As you can see the sun was shining brightly.

Back home I went for a walk and saw these seagulls apparently walking on water!  But no the sandbar was being covered by the incoming tide.  The Fraser River is tidal in front of my condo and as far up as Mission which is about 23 km. upriver.

The orange witch hazel is in full display.

The yellow version is a few days behind.

Looking up river toward Golden Ears Mountains.

Snowdrops have been blooming for awhile.

Some of the last of the beauty berries.

Interesting seed heads.

I like the sunlight in the background of this photo.

These photos were taken at about 3:30 in the mid winter sun.

I like this shot.

A last look at the seed heads against a pink winter cabbage.


KaHolly said...

Loved seeing all the projects. Really enjoyed the nature photos!

marylouweidman said...

LOVE the bugs and the chikcens Sandy...very cool!