Saturday, 4 January 2014

Mini Snowman/Snowflake Quilt done! Snowman banner ready for quilting!

I found this cute snowman/snowflake mini quilt by Lyn Brown and decided to make it up using just wool fabrics on this great snowflake batik I found. You can find the pattern on Lyn Brown's blog or by clicking here.  She has mini quilts for every month.  You may see more in the future.
 I just finished the last of the stitching on my Primitive Gatherings Primitive Banner-Winter Snowman and it is ready to sandwich and quilt.
 I chose some brighter colours for my snowman's scarf and snowflake.  I also used a decorative stitch for the snowflake rather than the buttonhole stitch.
 You can see the wing is a plaid while the body is solid.
I'm going to sandwich this today and then figure out what to make the base quilt out of.  This project has the four banners to swap out.  Here is the link to the item from Primitive Gatherings.  I've already stitched the Autumn one but it needs to be sandwiched and quilted.  I'm hoping to get each ready for the season this year...Sew Finish It Up!


paulette said...

Both are dang cute!! Very sweet!

Susan Torrens said...

I love your new snowmen! I can't do wool applique - I am super allergic to wool, and develop a rash just touching it. It limits my knitting as well - I have to stick to man-made fibres!

The little book of Nessie said...

Your banner is lovely. It is getting ready for next Christmas is a great idea! Regards, Nessie