Thursday, 2 January 2014

More remembrances from 2013. What is your word or phrase for 2014?

I met Paulette aka Sweet Paulette another fellow blogger on my way up the Oregon Coast in April.
 Went to a group of quilters' outdoor garden show.

 The flower and watering can swaps all to get them into one quilt.  I like that we duplicated the flower background to match the watering cans but had some new people join in.
 October colour on the west coast.
 Interpretive leaf quilt blocks finally put together now to get it quilted.
 Owl blocks from a Mary Lou swap getting put together.
 Ready for Halloween.
MOO-ston, err Houston International Quilt Festival in November.                                                      
 Another sighting of the herd.

  Back home the witch hazel is budding.
 Beauty Berry in the rain.
 Frost Mugs Done!
 Snowman in Wonderland Done!
 Cold Days Done!
My Snowman and Me Welcome Thee sitting on a Christmas blue and white table runner. Love the pantaloons and laced up painted boots.
 Hand painted sign for Santa to hold.
 Sigh, almost a white Christmas.
 What is your word or phrase for 2014?  I decided Sew Finish It Up, got a great start just before Christmas and I hope to keep it going.  Have a mini snowman/snowflake hanging that just needs binding and a sleeve and another snowman banner is well under way.  Just watch for more finishes.

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paulette said...

See that look on my face? That's my "I'm so busted look!! Caught with greasy hair and my traveling sweats on!!" Yikes...
You had a very exciting and productive year!!