Saturday, 13 August 2016

New Westminster Cultural Crawl 2016

I showed up a bit early and managed to still get a look at some of the lovely quilt art by Terry Aske being shown in Judy Darcy's office on 6th Street this morning.  There are also so photos by Judy and others along with some historical photos of New Westminster on display.
 Some more of Terry's art.  Terry's blog can be found here.  Find her on instagram @terry aske
 I took a circle workshop with her last fall and thoroughly enjoyed her process.
 Love this one.
 Then I headed over to 100 Braid Street Studios to see what was happening.  This was my first venture to this studio.  Here is a link to the studios.
 These are painted fabric textiles by Mardell Rampton.  We chatted and I found out she had been a member of Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild and that we had several friends in common.
 I love this piece of hers. Check out her website at  Her instagram is @mardellr
 Some smaller pieces.  The light is in the studio is lovely.
 A current piece about to be mounted.
 These reflect some of the skies around New Westminster through the year to me.
 Love this one also.
 A larger selection of her pieces in the foyer.  Judy Villet also has studio space here and was just arriving.  Her website is  and her instagram is @judyvillett She and Terry had a show in Queen's park last month and she does some lovely work also.
 Love these windows on either side of the entry.
 This studio is in an industrial part of New Westminster that I've driven past many times but never visited.  Here is their website. And their instagram is @100braidst
 Another vignette of art by Iris Low.  You can find Iris here
 Some pictures of her individual pieces.
 Love the colour and movement of this piece.
 More of an autumn feel to this one.
 These pieces are by Terra Varley.
 Her instagram feed is @a_side_story
 Lovely pastels.
 Victoria Klassen unfortunately hadn't yet arrived.

 Some more of Victoria's pieces. You can find Victoria here. Here instagram feed can be found @vmklassen
 Before leaving home this morning I checked my mail and found a few surprises.  One from Penny who sent me a snowman for our swap we did last year.  One gal never sent her blocks in so Penny made each of us a block based on a sketch she used with children in kindergarten when she taught.
 I also got four weeks of My Crazy Life blocks.  They had been held up by our possible mail strike.
 So I guess I'll be prepping some patterns later today.  There are four 6" blocks each week.
 Along with the freebies I will be having a crazy life!
 Some of these blocks are just amazing!
The cultural crawl continues tomorrow. Here is a link to a map showing various venues around New Westminster tomorrow from 1-5. Check it out.


Anna Bates said...

WOW. the Cultural Crawl should be called the Cultural Drool! LOL. I love the Braid Studio. are the stained glass actually glass or is it the peel and stick window cover? I need to do that on either side of my front door. I guess I must have missed all the BOM kits you have signed up for and it looks like you have a substantial amount of prepping. Somehow that makes me feel good...misery loves company!!!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I'm not an art quilter, but it's so fun to see so many creative designs on display. You certainly have a lot of fun blocks to work on--there are going to be some beautiful wooly quilts on the horizon!