Sunday, 28 August 2016

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Showcase

Yesterday I battled traffic to cross over the Ironworkers Bridge to visit the VMQG Showcase at 115 Victory Ship Way in North Vancouver.  It was their first show and different from the typical quilt shows as they did not have a vendors market and one great feature no drapes hanging.  You got to enjoy the glimpses of quilts and their backings without having to use the white glove treatment.           This first piece is by my friend Felicity here instagram feed is found here. She was my vice chair when I was evening chairperson at FVQG.                                  
 These were in the Round Robin section of the show.
 I happily walked around and took pictures of the quilts but not of the maker's of them but happily Felicity provided me with some of their creators.   This was a quilt made with block from a lotto win.  The block is called Converging Corners by Film in the Fridge.
 This beauty was made by Terry Aske, I took a workshop from her learning her circle techniques and recognized it before checking the label.  Her instagram feed can be found here.
 Here is her wonderful back art.  She shared several pictures of her work on her instagram last night.
 See what I mean about enjoying not having the quilts hung on draperies.
 This piece is by Karen Cooper, I didn't realize this is actually the back of the piece one of her extra Opalescence block.  Check out her instagram feed for the front. It is lovely.
 Paula Bohan made this mini that was created during a Gwen Marsden workshop.
 Paula Pearson made this interesting black and white with solid colour study.  Check out her instagram feed here.
 Joan Elliot created these two black and white studies.
 Loved this mini colourful study by Trish Poehnell.  Love the illusion of the circle your eye sees with the straight lines.
 Jade Prosser made this lovely piece love the aqua and white background.  Here is her instagram feed.
 Another Karen Cooper piece.  Love the folk art influence in the flowers.
 This piece looked spectacular against the yellow wall, the lighting changed the colours.  Twinkle Twinkle by Niki Storr.
 Love this piece by Krista Hennebury Round Peg Square Hole.  It was a challenge piece for RJR Fabrics Cotton Supreme Solids that she designed.  Not only does she have her poppyprint blog she has an instagram feed here.
 Berene Campbell made this beauty with blocks made by her online bee.  It is called Hundreds and Thousands.  Check out her instagram here.  And another feed can be found here just about the quilt creation.
 Loved these two similar but different stylized rose studies. Left by Matt Wheeler and right by Alicia Storrey.
 And viewed from the back.
 This mole hill quilt was started in a workshop with Latifah Saafir.  Here is a link to that post. Amy Dame made this one and helped me with the missing names, thanks Amy.  Her instagram feed is @amyamydame.  The machine quilting was done by Stacy Murton @hushrules on instagram.
 Love this unconventional rainbow was made by Berene Campbell.
 They had a wall of minis with a legend of who did what that was very effective but hard to photograph.
 A bit more.
 And the rest.
 As I left I took this picture of the downtown Vancouver waterfront.  I'm proud to be a born in Vancouver Gal.
If you are in Vancouver today the show is open go and check it out.


MariQuilts said...

Looks like a fabulous show......I would have loved to see it. Thanks for all the pics.

Anna Bates said...

how I wish I could have seen this show! Love the anchor!!

KaHolly said...

Oooh! Such pretties! Well worth the commute, I'd say! XO

karen said...

Thanks for the kind comments about my quilt. I'm so glad you enjoyed our show!

amy dame said...

Thank you so much for blogging about our show, we're glad you enjoyed it!

The photo above Terry's round robin quilt was also made by Terry using blocks made by VMQG members, it was a block lotto quilt that used the Converging Corners tutorial by Film in the Fridge.

Paula Bohan made the orange and purple mini in a class with Gwen Marston.

The black and white with solid colour study was also made by Paula Bohan (trudy is her cat's name!)

The mini colourful study was made by Trish Poehnell.

Twinkle Twinkle is the improv stars quilt made by Niki Storr.

The rose studies were made by Matt Wheeler and Alicia Storey, respectively.

The Molehills quilt was mine (@amyamydame on instagram) and was quilted by Stacey Murton (@hushrules on instagram)

The rainbow arrows was made by Berene Campbell.

Thank you for sharing so many pics!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilt show and always enjoy seeing works of art and the color combinations with the modern patterns.


trudys_person said...

Thank you for the lovely recap Sandi! I'm @trudys_person on instagram, so I do answer to Trudy among IG/quilty friends ... but Trudy is my cat, and I'm her person. I'll be sending some friends who couldn't make it to the show to your post, to see your photos.


Susan said...

What wonderful quilts you've shared. I enjoyed so much seeing each one, and found favorites among them, but not any I didn't like. I do like seeing them with no drapes!

felicity said...

So lovely. Thank you, Sandi for the recap!

Poppyprint said...

Great post Sandi!! So glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for sharing it so quickly to encourage others to attend. Just wanted to clarify that the Round Peg Square Hole quilt that I made was for RJR Fabrics to highlight their Cotton Supreme Solids (not for Moda). Cheers!!