Monday, 22 August 2016

Row by Row Road Trip Day 2.

Wednesday morning I headed back to Oak Harbour to check out The Quilter's Workshop.  This is their vertical row of a tree house.  Love all the lovely details in her piece. 
 She is going to be part of the Wool Block party happening starting in October!
 A quick drive along and I spotted a mermaid bronze.
 Farther down the street these three ducks.
 A closer look at the one racing to catch up.
 And the two sightseers.
 A quick visit into an antique shop.  This almost came home with me.
 I love swan candy dishes.  My mom has one that is just glass and not cut crystal.
 I decided after many trips across the bridges at Deception Pass to stop and take some pictures.  The Arbutus trees around the island are lovely.
 Looking at the mist coming across the bridge.
 On the bridge looking across at Whidbey Island.
 Looking down and across the pass.
 Another look towards the northwest.
 Absolutely breath taking.
 Looking straight down to the rocks and currents below.
 Then onto Anacortes and Fabrics Plus.  They have a very detailed row of Fidalgo Bay.
 Some of the other quilts hanging about.
 Looking for orange fabric.  Bet they have it!
 This place is floor to ceiling packed with bolts of fabric.  They have them grouped by colour and themes.
 Bolts stack on bolts in front of bolts!
 Just down the block is In Stitches Quilt Shoppe.  They have this row to share.
 And a licence plate.
 Cute print made into an apron.
 I've seen this penguin quilt below but love how they have the display with it in the window.
 A quick trip into La Conner to find the quilt shop which was no longer there.
 So onto Mount Vernon and Calico Creation.  The fish was their row last year and Home Sweet Home this year's.
 Love these floral collage appliques.
 Lots of neutrals and brights.
 A huge selection of Kaffe Fasset, I think they just got in a new shipment of fabrics.
 More fabric collages.
 Love that sea horse one and the owl is rather cute.
 Black and Whites?
 Some of their wool selection. I spy a Buttermilk Basin piece Live Simply.
 Wool applique patterns.
 More wool and patterns along with some threads and books.
 Hard to get to some of the fabrics with all the bolts in front.
 Part of their $7.00 clearance fabrics.
 More sale fabrics...
 And their super sale fabrics at $4.00 a yard!
 Here is the stash report.  The blue fabric is wool and I've been looking for rocks and landscape fabrics. from The Quilters Workshop.
 Fabrics Plus I got more of the one rock fabric but also in a second colour way.
 From In Stitches I got this Kaffe Fasset pink, I've not seen this print in pink before and the Easter fabric was a clearance one.
 The Calico Creations clearance section I got the last of the feathers along with the turquoise and green print.  The Kaffe Fasset cabbage rose is a print I missed when it first came out so I'm glad they have reprinted it.
Later I met up with a friend and planned a special visit with her to be shared later.  Enjoy your week!


WoolenSails said...

Looks like the perfect day, great quilt shops, fun sculptures and beautiful scenery.
I do like the tree house row, that is a fun one.


Anita said...

Love your fabric adventurous! I am curious about the "Wooly Block". Is it like the row by row experience?

Kyle said...

It's fun to visit other quilt shops. Each one as unique as their row by row. You had beautiful scenery to enjoy going from place to place. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

What a delight! You always make it seem as if I've been there, and I'm longing to go back! Such cute rows, wonderful sales, and all those beautiful colors. Even here in orange E. TN (UT colors), I don't think I've seen that many oranges in one spot! Thank you for the view of the scenery. What a gorgeous bridge and surrounding area. I love towns that have sculptures on the sidewalk. Mesa, Arizona, is like that, so I really enjoyed these you showed. Now I have to go see if I've missed anything else you've posted. It's been that kind of week!