Sunday, 18 December 2016

Frozen North.

Friday the water feature was definitely frozen.  I thought I heard the sound of ice breaking in the evening and when I looked out Friday morning I realized what I had heard.
 Look at how it heaved.
 The top level almost looks ready to skate on but isn't and never will be.
 I took my mom out for lunch on Friday and stopped on a side road heading into Richmond to take the following series of photos.  This first one you can just see in the distance some mountains in the west on Vancouver Island.
 Panning east towards West Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay were one of the two ferry routes to the Vancouver head from.
 Continuing East.
 The Lions can be seen in the centre left of this picture a bit better.  I stood in the same spot and shot these with some overlap.
 The ski runs on Grouse can be seen on the right.
 Looking over some of the ranges behind can be seen.
 I think this is Mount Seymour another local ski hill.
 The trees are in Central Park in Burnaby.
 Looking at the Metrotown area of Burnaby with the towers.
 Looking more to the east side of Burnaby.
 Mountain views are amazing, in this city.
 Nearing the Burnaby New Westminster views.

 They stretch on and on.
 Looking more toward the Fraser Valley and Golden Ears Mountains.
 Such lovely snowy views over the delta that Richmond sits on.
 At the edge of the delta the North Arm of the Fraser River flows and behind me is the South Arm.
 It was about -3C with not too much of a wind but I was happy to get back into the warm car.
 My view looking at sunset towards the Alex Fraser River that crosses over the south arm of Fraser.   The condo building is almost finished the crane has been removed and in the foreground you can see the north arm of the Fraser which passes in front of my building.
Stay warm, maybe some snow coming tonight.  Time will tell if it stays for Christmas.


Kyle said...

You live in a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. Stay warm.

The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely photos. Regards, Nessie