Monday, 5 December 2016

Sunny Sunday and a Promise of Snow in the City.

Sunday morning we woke up to a very rare sight, not really seen since September, Sunny Blue Skies! Of course a walk along the quay was required.
 Looking across the river to the Surrey Fraser Docks and towards the Alex Fraser Bridge.  I love how the sun was a star burst and the twinkling on the river.
 Can you spot the little chickadee on the left trunk of the tree?
 I love the look of bare branches against blue skies.
 Farther up the river near the River Market looking at the Sky Train Bridge, then the Patullo Bridge and at river level the train bridge you can catch a glimpse of snow on the mountains with clouds.
 Another gorgeous silhouette of a tree and the pampas grasses.
 I got in my car and drove up the hill to see the North Shore Mountains.  Those two peaks to the left in the background are called the Lions.  They look like two lions lying on the savannah having a talk together.
 Panning to the right you can see some of ski runs of Grouse Mountain where the 2010 Olympics were held.
 And peaking farther to the right another of the north shore peaks.
 I then drove up to Burnaby Mountain and checked out the view up Burrard Inlet and Indian Arm.
 Looking over towards the Lions but not really getting a good view.
 I love going up here and checking the surrounding views.
 One of many freighters that visit our area.
 These views are so wonderful, I have to share that there were signs warning of both coyotes and bear sightings, this is the wilderness so close to the city.
 Looking west towards downtown Vancouver and the north shore in the distance.  The Totems were a present from a sister city of Burnaby in Japan.
 Love the shape this tree has taken with the winds blowing up the mountain.
 Here is a better view of some of the Japanese Totems.
 Looking towards downtown Burnaby.
 Back towards downtown Vancouver.
 Zooming in on the previous picture.
 Hydrangeas still a beautiful blue colour.
 Some more on the other side of the tree.
 I picked up my mom with the intent of driving over to the North Shore to look at some lights but there was an issue with traffic.  Look at all these pigeons on a light post.  Before and after there were none, something about this light attracted them.
 The clouds rolling in for a promised snowfall overnight in the city.
 Christmas lights coming on along Robson Street in the early dusk.
 Remember the promise of snow in the city?  Well this is how much has fallen along the river as of ten this morning.
 A closer look at the log boom going up river.
 The grass and pond adjacent to my suite.  Other parts of the lower mainland have much more but being near the water time will tell.  Onto my soap box, Vancouverites get a bad rap for not being able to drive in the snow.  My personal opinion is that those who are used to dry fluffy snow don't know how to drive in our snow.  We've had a lot of rain and the roads get icy and often we have rain as we did down at river level before the snow.  We also have lots of hills.  So when you see the news showing people sliding down the hills in the city know that I'll lay even money most didn't grow up in the lower mainland and know you don't drive those hills till they are plowed and salted!  Off my soap box now.
 My front door ready to great the snow.  The wreath looked better before they painted my white door read but I still like it.  Enjoy your day, we may still get some more snow, fingers crossed!


Kyle said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day to enjoy the lovely scenery. I had the chance to go to Vancouver once. It's a beautiful city. Hope you get to enjoy some snow. We have snow flakes heading our way to.

WoolenSails said...

You live in such an amazing and beautiful area, love the diversity in the area and the snowy mountains are an awesome sight.


Susan said...

Big difference in the two days. You really took advantage of that sunshine! What amazed me was almost no people in any of your pictures, as if you were out in the wilderness alone.