Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sunny, Icy Stroll along the Quay.

This is what the snow looked like Tuesday Morning after the blast we had on Monday.  Not much along the river but higher elevations got as much as 10-15 cm.  Getting to this point to take a picture back at my condo complex I almost fell three times.  It was solid ICE!
 I ended up walking on the crunchy snow all approximately 2" of it.  I made my way down to the boardwalk as I could see folks having a bad time walking along the brickwork.  Usually the city sends out a mini bulldozer to clear off the brickwork. The flowering Cabbage looked lovely covered by snow and shining in the snow.
 I love the lacy edges sparking with the melting snow.
 Made it down to view the Golden Ears Mountains in the background with no cloud coverage this time.
 Snow frozen on to the sign naming the New Westminster Waterfront Esplanade.
 An imprint of a star from someones footwear.
 At times these pigeons were walking more steady than I but I had the hand railing close if needed.
 He flew up onto the railing as I got closer.
 This flowering Cabbage wasn't as lacy but looked pretty.
 Some of our landscape beside the building.
 Snow on the pine tree looked so pretty and delicate.
One more view of the branches.
Back inside to do some stitching.


Kyle said...

Glad you didn't slip and slide taking those great photos.

WoolenSails said...

Love the pink against the snow, that is beautiful, as is all the photos of your area.
We have bridges and water, but no mountains behind them, just breath taking views.


Susan said...

What a contrast with the previous post! That kale is really something. Doesn't seem as if the snow is bothering it one bit! Thanks for sharing. I'm guessing you were bundled to the max, too!