Saturday, 3 December 2016

It's December?

Thursday I went out for breakfast at my favourite restaurant on the Quay Angelina's.  Afterwards I went for a bit of a walk and checked out the flora and fauna.  This is my friend Rita's Beauty Berry.  I'm always amazed at the lovely colour it is and how stark the branches are with the pops of colour.
 Some of the clusters are quite full.
 Others are more shaded.
 I usually remember to take photos in January and they are less of the berries to be seen.
 Love the how random the branches and berry clusters are.
 Would you believe her ever bearing Strawberry plant is still producing fruit?
 A few doors down I saw this shelf lichen growing on some wood.
 Another larger cluster of this lichen.
 Not sure what this is but it is pretty.  New Westminster City gardeners have some very eclectic plants that they put on display.
 Both the red and the pink bush roses are trying to put out flowers with some success.
 The pink ones seem more successful, they often bloom into January here along the Fraser River.
 An Azalea still putting a few blooms out.
 Pincushion daisies here and there.
 These Rhododendrons bloom in February and September but this on has a wonky clock.
 Ornamental Kale grows throughout the winter getting very long stocks by February.
 We are still having a lot of rain.  I think we had 27/30 days in November and 28/31 in October!
 Pampas Grass against the grey cloudy skies.
 Even though New Westminster is a city we have all different types of visitors and the Coyotes are often seen wandering the boardwalk early in the morning and late at night.
 Most of our trees are now without leaves as we've had several windy days with all the rain we've had.
 This little guy was all along singing a song.
We may have snow by Saturday night, there is a lot already in the mountains and some expected to fall in the city by Monday...stay tuned.


Rachaeldaisy said...

It's lovely to see of these beautiful flowers. Isn't it wonderful how they change with the seasons and always give us something new to see. Don't get eaten by a Coyote!!

WoolenSails said...

Love all the beautiful colors in the plants and berries. We have ones that grow on the fence, yellow, then orange in the fall and red for the winter. I do hate the bare trees but today I noticed a lot of new things that were hidden before, so fun in bare landscape too.


KaHolly said...

Very pretty pictures. I love lichen! XO

paulette said...

Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along!

Kyle said...

Hard to think of flowering plants in December. Those purple berries are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing so many.

Susan said...

Wow, so much color and in December! Someone should cut all those roses for a bouquet before the snow freezes them! Does the river keep you a little warmer than other areas nearby? I wish we'd had half your rain those two months. Gatlinburg might not have burned.

Anna Bates said...

you always take the most beautiful photos!! Those berries are an unbelievable color!!! Someday I am going to have to make my way up to the Quay :)