Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sunny with Outflow Temperatures.

Wednesday was my Burnaby Wool stitching group day and afterwards I drove around uptown and took a few pictures.  New Westminster is built on a hillside and we have an uptown and downtown area so we can get some lovely views of the surrounding mountains.  But finding somewhere to pull over to take pictures is a bit of an issue as the snow is piled up at the road side due to the subzero Celisius temperatures we are experiencing due to outflow winds.
 The trees look as if they were dipped in icing sugar several times and then frozen.
 Against the blue skies they look lovely.  We've had more blue skies in December than October and November combined!
 They snow is hanging around with is atypical for this time of year.
 This is a picture looking across the high school fields and seeing some of the mountains that surround the lower mainland.
 A slightly better view, The Wool Group gather in the building just to the left of the strip mall behind the lights.
 This is the wrong side of a Cheri Payne piece I'm working on called A Homespun Christmas.  I don't put a fusible on the wrong side of my piece when I stitch.  I bury my knots between the wool and Osnaburg I'm stitching on.
 Here is the right side of the piece.  I have to add stems and words which I did last night but have no picture of yet.
 As I was stitching I glanced outside and caught this pink glow only between the buildings, 3 minutes later it was all charcoal grey!


WoolenSails said...

It looks beautiful with the snow and the mountains in the background.
I hide my stitches that way too, the wool is a great solid piece to keep it from showing.
On stitcheries if I am doing pillows, and on some small quilts, I put the batting on to help hide the stitches better and I like how it indents into the fabric.


The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely pictures Sandi. Your project looks great! Regards, Nessie

Kyle said...

I love the new little wool piece that you're working on. It goes along with the chilly December weather.

Susan said...

Beautiful photos. What a gorgeous place you live. LOVE your basket. Did I understand correctly that you appliqued wool directly onto osnaburg?