Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Changing things up.

Remember my baby Bionic Gear Bag? Well I decided to change things up.

After taking these pictures I realized I had put in the wrong zipper, I had intended to have a pink not teal one.

So I took off the teal and sewed the pink one on...twice. Why? Because I sewed it opening the wrong way the first time.

The front side of the bag has a tray, I like to have the closed zipper on the left so when you open it up the tray drops down.

With the left over quilted remnant I made myself a little thimble case for my Roxanne thimble. I've decided this BBGB will be my hand sewing/appliqué bag. I'm pleased I took the time to change out the zipper.

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paulette said...

I liked it both ways! I shy away from bags...Maybe that will be something to tackle in 2016?

Anna said...

I am glad you persevered...both are adorable...zippers scare me, lol

The little book of Nessie said...

You were good to change it. Zips can be tricky especially when changing things. Regards, Nessie.