Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Sunset and meet some world travellers!

Last night as I was sitting stitching in my chair this view caught my eye of the gorgeous west coast sunset.
 About a minute later and a different camera orientation it looked like this.
 I went outside onto the quay to catch the pinks across from my place.
 Looking over toward the Alex Fraser Bridge the colours are a bit paler.
 Floating upriver with the tide I spotted these guys.
 Love this double H bridge.
 Looking west toward Queensborough...
 and the railroad bridge and the Queensborough bridge beyond.
 East looking up river and the pinky purples coming out.
 Soft mauves a minute later.
 Slowly drifting with the tide.
 Here are the world travellers, I ordered some books from Farm Chicks Quilts, formerly Buggy Barn quilts and on December 1st I was notified they were on their way.  They headed off to Spokane on the 4th and then to Los Angeles on the 7th.  On the 10th they left and arrived in Seattle on the same day.
 At 10 p.m. they departed from Seattle to Vancouver where they departed at 2:07 a.m. to...wait for it Osaka Japan!  They then left Osaka again at 10 p.m....

 ..taking a slow boat to Vancouver arriving on December 24th and departed at 2:21 for yup...Japan...they departed Japan again on the 24th at 6:35 back to Canada!  They arrived at the sorting facility on December 28th at 1021 and departed...

 two MINUTES later!  I was coming home this afternoon and saw my postman was here so I went to see if he had finished loading the 104 boxes in our building.  He looked at me and said I have a package for you!  I asked if it was from Reardon and he said yes!  I then told him it had been to Japan twice!  He answered lots of air miles on this package...too bad I couldn't collect them.

 On December 14, I contacted Pam to let her know of the first trip to Japan, today I let her know that the package finally arrived.

Hope you have a safe and Happy New Year.  May all your packages make it safely to their destinations.


Claire said...

That's funny! A few years ago I ordered some Woolies Flannel from Massachusetts and they accidentally sent it to Colombia in South America instead of British Columbia. Amazing they actually sent it back. I have had the same thing happen when ordering from Buggy Barn. It always seems to go to LA first but it has never gone to Japan. I made the dog quilt a few years ago. It is really a fun quilt and it is very big!

paulette said...

That is crazy!! I'm just glad your finally got your loot...and great loot it is too!

WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful photos and I love watching the sunset, even though I have more a side view and trees in the way.
That is funny but not funny, mail can be crazy sometimes.


The little book of Nessie said...

A well travelled package! Glad you have it now to enjoy. Love the sunset. Nature has a wonderful way of changing itself second by second and you just have to enjoy the moment. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Nessie

Lori said...

That was a real roundabout trip! Happy New year!!