Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Day.

On the far left you can see a bit of one of our local mountains with fresh snow peeking thru the clouds. My mom has some lovely views from her 13th floor corner suite.

The cloud shapes are so interesting hovering over the mountains.

To the left of the communication array the sun is on the snow.

Looking to the southwest you can see the north and south arms of the Fraser River. The double H bridge is the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Every night as the sun sets the crows fly to roost in threes a few miles away, this goes on for quite a time.

Sun shining on the river looking almost due west.

Looking more south towards the bridge again.

I gave mom my little quilts to enjoy. She bought me the moon and stars stand.

Driving home I spotted the Full Cold Moon and took this picture.

Down on the quay I took this one, you can make out the two towers for the sky train bridge and the lights of one of the trains crossing over the Fraser River.

Hope you had a lovely day, we did.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely pictures Sandi. Love the little quilt stand, so cute! Regards, Nessie

paulette said...

Very nice pictures, Sandi! Love the wee quilts and the stand is perfect! Mom knows best!