Monday, 21 December 2015

More Christmas Lights

Last night was perfect for another Christmas Light tour, we headed over to the Kensington area of North Burnaby.
 Love this Santa with his reindeer and candy canes.
 This house was spectacular, I can't imagine how many hours it took to put together.
 Check out the train on the flat section of roof.
 So many Christmas trees, lights wrapped around trunks, snowflakes abound.
 So much to take in.
 Love all the snowflakes hanging on the outside of the house.
 Candy canes along the edge of the property.
 One last view as we turn the corner.
 Is that the Tasmanian devil dressed as Santa along the fence?
 Another lovely house with a bit more subtle lighting.  To the right there were lovely multi-pointed stars.
 Over to Central Burnaby and the Burnaby Village Museum, dancing ladies under the snowflakes.
 A bit closer look.
 Their large Christmas tree in the parking lot looks great.
 Along Edmonds there are these snowflake banner lights.
 Then down to Columbia Street in New Westminster looking back west.
 One of the main trees along the street decked with simple strands of white lights and snowflakes.
 Looking east along Columbia Street.
 Love the lighted crown representing the Royal City, New Westminster was the first capital of British Columbia before it was moved to Victoria on Vancouver Island.
 Shooting stars and another Christmas tree uptown at 6th Street and 6th Avenue.  Can you believe that tonight at 8:49 PST it is the Winter Solstice!  The first day of Winter and the days will be slowly getting longer!

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