Sunday, 30 June 2013

A last look at Montana, Washington and the road home.

My father used to grow sweet peas and this is a lovely vintage feel poster in the hotel we stayed at in Bozeman.

Main Street Deer Lodge, the business was closing as the owner was retiring.

Lovely banners.

Corner Quilts Etc. from the exterior.

Interesting architecture.

Old worn sign.

Wallace Idaho, lots of antique shops but almost everything was close as we got there late in the day.

Interesting grill work on the windows.

Next day we stopped at Buggy Barn Quilt Shop, this is what it looked like the last time I was there. The addition is now painted, it was raining and I didn't take another picture.

Inside the new addition looking towards the old portion. They have almost doubled their square footage.

Looking at the new.

New patriotic quilts from the upcoming book.

Lady Liberty from the new book, wonderful blocks.

Great quilting, love all the colours they used.

A favourite of mine and my mom's.

What the world needs now is....

Hole in the barn door with stars.

Wool and piecing along with wool pennies.

Not the usual Buggy Barn palette, an Australian magazine BOM.

Stormy skies.

I love old windmills, this one is a beauty.

On the way home it rained, the stopped, then sunshine. Sunshine at home and temperatures expected in the 30'sC or mid 90'sF.

Glad to be back home again. Wait for the next adventure and local stuff until then.
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paulette said...

OHHHH man, I love the Buggy Barn!! I can't wait to see the new addition~! Thanks for the tour!