Thursday, 20 June 2013

More Montana quilt shops and a taste of Wyoming.

First stop of the day was in Big Timber where we found Little Timber Quilts & Candy and Homespun Hollow and Machine Quilting.

Lovely big shop, look at the ladder that rolls along the floor!

Great notions and samples.

Huge classroom where the long arm quilting machine lives.

Standing outside the classroom looking toward the front of the store.

In one corner she has some yarns for sale.

What a score for the children in all of us CANDY!

Looking back towards Big Timber heading to the highway.

In Billings I revisited a couple of old friends...shops first on the list Backdoor Quilt Shoppe.

Lovely fabrics and lots of samples.

More samples in the back.

More great fabrics.

Looks what below the fabrics...sewing machines for sale.

Way up top some more.

Another, Busy Bee.

Still more.

Treadle heads.

Onto Fiberworks, this would be my local shop if I lived in Billings.

Barbed wire sign telling you what to do.

Lovely samples.

Some homespuns.

Great displays.

A little crazy quilt stitch embellishment on a bear.

Crazy quilt of bears.

Great basket quilt.

I want a mannequin to cover with buttons.


More great samples.

If you ever go to Hardin Montana, stop in at the Lariat Country Kitchen for great home cooked meals.

A quick taste of Wyoming stumbled up on the Quilters' Fix in Sheridan. I stopped at an antique shop and asked if there were any quilt shops in town and in the next block here it was.

Love the prescription Daily Dosage Recommended.

Lovely samples and fabrics.

Cute scrabble pumpkin.

Love the witch flying over the full moon.

One final look and recommendation from the shop.

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