Saturday, 29 June 2013

Old Faithful, some animals and a quilt shop

We left off yesterday because I couldn't load any more pictures.

We arrived about ten minutes before the next event and found seats to wait.

Oh, is it happening? No...

Here it goes.

Yes it is definitely starting.


Building higher.


Even higher.

Can you see the face profile looking left?

Starting to wane.

Still trying.

A little more.

One last gasp?

All finished for another 90 minutes give or take ten.

Less than a third of the gathered crowd.

A walk to the Inn.

Check out that foundation corner.


National Historic Landmark designation 1987.

Very high vaulted ceilings.

Huge fireplace open on four sides.

Check out the pendulum on that clock.

Visitor centre.

Love the graphics and all the languages.

Out for an afternoon stroll in the sun, still loosing his winter coat.

Hey, you looking at me? [reintroduced wolf!]

But I'm interested in something else.

Go away please!

Afternoon snooze in the sun.

We left via the north entrance. Disable pointed not to see any deer, moose or elk.

Dedication of the park by an act of congress.

Drove by the Gardiner school and caught sign of this gal munching on the infield.

Don't come any closer....

Maybe if I start eating they'll go away.

Back up 89 to I-90 and found a quilt shop in Livingstone that we missed 12 days ago.

Lots of fabrics and samples.

She also carries yarn.

She has a lovely collection of old sewing machines.

Lovely bench to wait outside if you didn't want to go in.

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Karen in Tucson said...

What a great trip and your photos are so fun to look at. You have a talent for journaling. Thank you for sharing with us.