Tuesday, 25 June 2013

One last look and a visit to St.Charles

This was Dianne Springer's booth at market.

On closer look I realized I had several of her fabrics and am a fan. I like all the mixed white backgrounds with different scale patterns.

More wonderful colour.

Great patten on the chair.

At the Open Studio I caught the end of Laurie Ceesay's lecture. She started out this design as a postcard. She then enlarged it to about 12" x 18".

She then enlarged it once more, I recognized it from an article in Quilting Arte.

This is a recent piece, unfortunately two women were standing up in front and I wasn't able to get any photos of her original pattern, at first it was going to have a sweetheart design to the neckline. Love the colour palatte.

Next day I went to visit aunts in St. Charles, this whimsical fox sculpture is all made of recycled bicycle parts. He site along side of the Fox River.







The words below the statue.

Twin foxes overlooking the river.

Love the profile.

Municipal building.

A view along the Main Street.

Wonderful stain glass at the aunties house.

Another wonderful morning.

Mom and the two aunties after lunch.

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Miss Tina said...

great quilts, love the folding chair...your pictures are awesome!!!