Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 1retreat with Mary Lou Weidman

Sunday afternoon we were able to set up our sewing machines to be ready for Monday morning. I arrived shortly after Mary Lou and Tina and took this picture showing the individual work spaces waiting to be creative.

Tina in the kitchen preparing some almond poppy seed muffins, coffee and fresh fruit to get our day started on a healthy note.

Tina sharing the apron our friend Molly gave her I keeping with our Parisian theme.

Mary Lou showing us a quilt she made with demo blocks from teaching.

Another demo block creation, I like the fish on the pot on the left.

In no time we are set up for lunch.

Is this not a lovely chopped salad?

Basil and strawberry water to enjoy.

I didn't take a picture of my morning project which was creating some numbers and letters to be shown later. I laid out my bird blocks from a swap and have decided to add black in the missing spots. I plan to add some appliqué to the piece. But guess what, I left all my spare bobbins at home and had to go on a search, luckily I did find an open shop, the Husqvarna dealership is closed on Mondays.

Time for dinner, chicken in white wine, garlic and mushroom sauce.

Some green beans with almonds, garlic bread and lovely green salad.

Is that chicken not looking delicious?

End of day and Wendy has a Christmas cow under way.

We have three newbies, Janine, Carol and Cyndi learning how to make hoochy mama blocks for the first time. I think these are Carol's.

Love the contrast in Janine's blocks.

I think these are Cyndi's.

Mari who acts as our swap mistress is also working on her birds, but adding some wonderful flowers.

Cathy has her frame ready and was working on a drawing of her granddaughter seeing lightening bugs for the first time. I forgot to take a picture of her sister Judy's quilt that she is making for the Monterey Bay Aquarium but I will first thing tomorrow morning, it is looking wonderful.

Here is as far as I got with my bird blocks lots of room to add some surprises.

So the end of the day came quickly i didn't get a picture of Sandy's cow, she and Wendy are sharing a design wall and she took it down without my noticing, so stay tuned for two other great quilts tomorrow.
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Mari L. said...

Oh it looks like we are working so hard. Great pictures.