Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Antiques, barns, bad weather and quilts.

We took a driving break and went into a couple of antique malls. I saw this cute bird sewing minder that used a pair of scissors for the bill.

Two cute wooden children's ironing boards.

What a great saying.

We went off the highway to Winterset and visited the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting shop.

It is a long narrow shop with lovely fabrics.

Interesting displays.

Lovely quilt at the cashier station.

It was a rainy stormy day that twice we almost had to stop on the highway, so the photo of the court house in the city square was dark.

Love the design of the buildings.

Adjacent to the quilt shop.

A lovely stone house just around the corner from....

...John Wayne's birthplace.

John Wayne Drive.

An old barn along the way to Greenfeld.

Interesting farm buildings.

A large white barn.

More fields.

Lovely old iron work.

The opera house in Greenfeld, unfortunately the quilt shop was closed on Mondays.

Another great courthouse in the city square.

Lovely old buildings.

Look at the half Dresden plates on the right hand building.

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