Sunday, 23 June 2013

Did you guess where?

Here is another hint where I was....Rosemont Illinois.

I was there to go to the International Quilt Festival to see ChiCOWgo

Here is the poster introducing the show. Mel McFarlane was going to be signing books, I had never met her and went over to introduce myself. Mary Lou Weidman wasn't at the show this time. Please keep her husband Mark in you thoughts as he is having a health crisis right now.

On the left is the Cow Says Moo by Peggy Baldwin, on the right is Vino Cow by Sandy Thompson, both were at the Pacific Grove Show.

Red, White, Blue by Mel McFarlane.

COWculator by Connie Donaldson.

Love the pencil chewing and glasses.

Cute udders.

COWmen Miranda by Sue Cresse.

Love the purple eye-shadow, the fruit on the head.

Check out those bracelets, as I went to leave I went back for one last look and this gal was smiling and taking a picture, I told her I had made one of the cows and in her broken English she expressed she liked them all and called a friend over and told us she was from Brazil and COWmen was her favourite!

What's that in the middle of those photos of cows?

Micro Moo by Mel McFarland.

Miss Moolah at the MOOlin Rouge by Sandy Fisher.

PoCOWdot by Blair Halbrooks.

Van Gogh's COW by Mary McNeil.

A closer look.

The Cow Jumped Over The MOOn by Sandi Henschel (me!)

Purple Cow by Mary Lou Weidman with Miss Moolah.

Mel with a poster of the book at the booth she was doing the book signing,

More of the show to come tomorrow, MOOving on.

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