Sunday, 9 June 2013

A last look at Spokane and Post Falls and the road home.

I made a brief stop at the Quilting Bee, I liked two of the bees they had hanging, but didn't take any pictures of quilts or the shop.

They have a great sale hall and specials as you come in the entrance. The shop is big and nicely laid out.

Next stop was A Heart Like Yours, they have recently moved into a new location of about 4,000 square feet. They have several themed room and a nice sitting area for those not interested in quilting can sit while you shop!

This turkey quilt caught my eye, I like the albino one in the corner.

A closer look and you can see the great quilting depicting the feathers.

This rusched nose gay is pretty. I like the dragonfly background fabric.

A stitching corner.

Aunt Gracie's kitchen corner.

I like the little desk below the hanging.

Next stop was Hattie's, love this note as you enter.

Last year this cow caught my eye, love the Mohawk and the boots on this gal.

Lovely batiks and samples.

Interesting decorating using a tin star display.

Some brights in this lovely appliqué piece in the classroom.

This is the entry, see how it gets wider in the rear?

A quick trip back to Post Falls to My Favourite Things antique mall, I couldn't resist this little moon and star chair.

I've always liked these little Scottie pitchers and this one was priced right to come home.

Blue skies greeted me in Davenport on the drive home. I stopped in at the Cowboy Cafe for breakfast.

In the distance you can see the snow capped mountaintop that I would drive over to get home.

In Waterville I stopped at a quilt shop and saw this delightful painting on a closed store front.

Yesteryear Quilting has a great collection of fabrics and even better prices. The little shop I adored last year has closed sadly but they may open in a new location.

In Wenatchee I stopped in at Attic Window Quilts, love this sign, unfortunately my flash didn't fire but your get the point.

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