Saturday, 22 June 2013

South Dakota landmark, Wisconsin quilt shop and a hint where I'm at now.

Many years ago on a family vacation I got my first view of the Mitchell Corn Palace.

Each year they celebrate the year in corn.

They were redoing the front so we had to play hide and seek with the portable crane.

On the side they denote holidays, the Fourth of July.

Due to the drought and shortage of corn in 2012 , they left up the displays of youth activities, cheer leading.





Some corn themed memorabilia.

The first corn palace was at fourth and Main.

The current one relocated to sixth and main.

Some information about the palace.

The inside displays are redone every ten years but do not change. Unfortunately my photos are too dark to share.

They had a group of young men working at bundling some of the parts of the corn outside. They were having a grand old time as young men do.

Love the pillow.

An example of how it is planned.

The finished sample.

Mom and a friend sharing a corny joke.

In Waunakee Wisconsin we found Mill House Quilts.

This is the sale and sample room.

Lovely fabrics and current samples.

Room of batiks.

Christmases room.

Isn't that the truth?

The fabric in the door is morning coffee, very cute.

Lots of wool for us woolies!

You definitely needed an umbrella today as it war thundering and raining most of the day.

Hint, where do you think I am? Check back tomorrow and see if you are right.

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