Saturday, 1 June 2013

On the road to Post Falls and a retreat with Mary Lou Weidman.

One stop I always enjoy is at the Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall, the bottom has fruits veggies and some specialty items.

The next two floors are filled with antiques. This turquoise piece caught my eye.

I like the painted tin work, if it was closet to home I may have been tempted to make an offer.

This covered dish was lovely and a great buy, but again restraint won out.

In the same booth was this grey piece, lucky again it is marked sold.

The frosted glass is lovely.

I have some pieces of this Carltonware, lucky me I didn't have to pay the sticker price.

Outside the prairie roses are in bloom and the bees are busy gathering pollen.

This guy was extremely busy.

Next stop was Ellensburg notice the decree placement of the cowboy hat and the casual relaxed pose, what a whimsical mind to create this piece.

Onto Ritzville to check out Wild Flower Quilt Shop and Liquor Store only to find it had closed last month and everything was bare. Again turquoise as the house on the hill,caught my eye while I was waiting for the train to pass.

I drove along some country roads to go to Reardon and came across this lovely view.

The view from Tramm Road show the new addition to the shop is coming along.

The temporary access while the addition is being completed.

Till the cows come home, notice the safety pin udders.

Cute chickens.

Lovely appliqué on a darks background it makes the colours pop.

A cute wool appliqué piece.

Crowded with lovely samples.

A close up of a block of the month featured in an Australian magazine. It had lots of embroidery, the white border is all hand stitched. Lots of lovely appliqué and piece work.

Jack O'lantern whimsy.

Tomorrow we go to The Farm Chicks antique sale and then Monday the retreat begins!
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paulette said...

WOW!! You do get around!! Thanks for sharing! Loved the tour!~